Honduras - Maya city Copan

Travel pictures from Honduras

by Dr. Günther Eichhorn

Copán is one of the three major Maya centers (besides Tikal in Guatemala and Chich'én Itzá in Mexico). Copán is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Copán has more hieroglyphic texts than the other Maya sites, even some of them are physically much larger. The deciphering of these texts is still on-going (see David Stuart).

A detailed article, "The Archaeology of Copán", by David Webster, was published in "Journal of Archaeological Research" (Springer Verlag), volume 7, number 1, pages 1-53.

Following is a brief overview over Maya history. The Copán Stelae and Copán Temples are described on separate pages. A detailed list of the 16 rulers of Copán is in the Maya ruler genealogy.