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Here are some of the pictures of animals and plants I took on my trip to India in February/March, 1999.

I visited three tiger reserves and one bird sanctuary. The tiger reserves were Sariska, Ranthambore, and Bandhavgarh, the bird sanctuary was Keoladeo at Bharatpur.

At Sariska the tigers are by now extinct, but other wildlife like wild boar, deer, and antelope are plentiful. Ranthambore is the most scenic of the tiger reserves IMHO. The best tiger viewing I believe is at Bandhavgarh. They have elephants that take you into the bush when they spot a tiger. We visited on elephant a tiger that had killed a deer overnight. At one point the tiger was a couple of feet from the left foot of the elephant. Truly impressive!!

The bird sanctuary was quite impressive too. The number of birds there is astounding. The snake-bird and the stork are two examples from that sanctuary.

If you know the name of any of the animals or plants that are not named in these pages, please let me know so I can add the names to my pictures.

The other pictures from India are Architecture and People. The main description of my trip is on the India page.

All pictures are © Günther Eichhorn

bambooBamboo. They seemed to always grow in such clumps. (1230k) lianaA liana in an interesting, twisted form. (1047k) banyonBanyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis). This is one tree, about 100 m (330 ft) across. It grows branches, then drops extra roots from the branches for support. (1100k) weaverbird_nestsWeaverbird nests. (778k) birdI don't know what kind of bird this is. (785k)
wiedehopfThis bird is called a Hoopoe. The German name for this bird is Wiedehopf (Upupa epops). (914k) blue_heronBlue Heron. (828k) egretIntermediate Egret (Egretta intermedia). (664k) kingfisherKingfisher. (468k) owlOwl. (753k)
parakeetRose-ringed Parakeet (Psittacula krameri). (648k) peacockIndian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus). We saw lots of wild peafowl. They do fly. In the evening they fly up into trees and roost high up in the upper parts of trees. (880k) ibisA Red-naped Ibis (Pseudibis papillosa). (450k) snakebirdOriental Darter or Snake Bird (Anhinga melanogaster). (997k) stork_nestStorks in their nest. (886k)
storkBlack-necked Stork (Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus). (1022k) stork_flightOne of the storks in flight. (512k) cranesSarus Cranes (Grus antigone). (1063k) vulture_roofVulture. It really is a bird, not a part of the roof. (598k) pythonPython. (837k)
crocodileMugger Crocodile (Crocodylus palustris). They were pretty big. (1010k) dead_crocThis is a dead crocodile. The Sambar had been poisoned, and the crocodile ate the Sambar and died as well. Tigers are too smart to eat poisoned dead animals according to our guide. (933k) chipmunkA Siberian Chipmunk (Tamias sibiricus). (730k) langurSouthern Plains Gray Langur (Semnopithecus dussumieri). They have quite a tail. (1129k) rhesusRhesus Macaque (Macaca mulatta). Both langur and rhesus monkeys were quite common in the parks. (934k)
boarWild Boar (Sus scrofa). (917k) muntjakIndian Muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak) or Barking Deer. This is a rare small deer. (753k) spotted_maleMale Chital (Spotted Deer) (Axis axis). (871k) deer_monkeysA group of Chital (Axis axis) and Gray Langur monkeys. (974k) sambar_egretSambar Deer (Cervus unicolor). They like to spend a lot of time in the water. (646k)
sambar_mudMale Sambar Deer (Cervus unicolor), rolling in the mud. (963k) sambar_spottedSambar Deer (Cervus unicolor) and Chital (Axis axis). They are often found together. (952k) sambar_waterMale Sambar Deer (Cervus unicolor) feeding in the lake. (820k) nilgai_femaleFemale Nilgai Antelope (Boselaphus tragocamelus). (923k) nilgaiMale Nilgai Antelope (Boselaphus tragocamelus), almost as large as a horse. The male is blue/black, the female brown. (1006k)
jackalGolden Jackals (Canis aureus). We didn't see those too often. (888k) elephant_rideOn our way tiger watching. (908k) tiger_yawnBengal Tiger (Panthera tigris tigris) yawning. This was the first tiger that I saw. I thought it couldn't get any better than this, but it did. (845k) tiger_walk_1Tiger on the prowl. (897k) tiger_carHe was walking right by the car in front of us! (865k)
tiger_walk_2You can feel the power of this animal. (881k) tiger_4This lady was about 1 meter (3 feet) from the left foot of the elephant, staring right at us. (1051k) tiger_3She was checking out her kill, a Sambar deer that she killed during the night. (1208k) tiger_2She was making sure we didn't start nibbling on her Sambar. (1242k) tiger_1She was checking us out because we were getting close to her kill. (1205k)

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All pictures are © Dr. Günther Eichhorn

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