Trinidad - Interesting Birdlife


by Günther Eichhorn


Trinidad Map

In January 2018 I went on a sailing ship cruise in the Caribbean with Sail Windjammer on the S/V Mandalay. On the flight from the USA to Grenada I stopped in Trinidad for a couple of nights.

I rented a car and drove around some of the island. I had a GPS unit to help me find places. Unfortunately, several time the GPS guided me onto roads that turned into bad 4-WD roads, so I had to turn around and try again on a different road. One time the road ended at a pedestrian bridge over a small brook, no way for the car to get to the other side.

I visited the Asa Wright Nature Center, where I had a nice nature walk. We saw a lot of birds and flowers. I also drove to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary, but you can't do anything there without a guided tour.