After the death of Alexander the Great, one of his generals, Antigonus, took control of this area and founded Antigoneia in 310 BCE. Lysimachus, another of Alexander's generals defeated him and renamed the city after his late commander. An earthquake eventually destroyed the city.

This city is quite different from others. It is not much excavated. You walk around the local fields and come across a wall here, a piece of a column there, sometimes the rest of a building, all widely scattered around. It gives you a completely different feeling of antiquity than large cities like Ephesus. It is fun to explore a site like this.

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Ruins Building
Ruins of a building. (915k)
Scattered Columns
Scattered columns. (1278k)
Remains Building Woods
Remains of a building in the woods. (1113k)
Larger Ruin
Larger ruin. (837k)
More Complete Buildings
This was one of the more complete buildings. (1069k)

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